Denise Maddigan / 0423028393


Longerenong Ink and collage (gel print and cyanotype on paper) 42×29.5 cm SOLD
Riverside Path Acrylic. 61×61 cm


Working at Arkaroola 2022


Channelling Joan Mitchell driving on Fleurieu  Acrylic. 91 x 91 cm  Stretched canvas  SOLD
Mel’s flowers using Layla’s new birthday pens
Warm Inside the Noise Acrylic.91 x 91 cm. Stretched canvas $475
Distant Harmony. Acrylic 51 x 51 cm stretched canvas $475


Landing Possible 51x41cm Mixed media $400 Stretched canvas
Arkaroola Spring. Acrylic and collage 51 x 51 cm Stretched canvas $550
Off to the Moon, Triptych Acrylic 30 x 90 cm Stretched canvasses  $500
Currency Creek Eucalypts Acrylic  91 x 91 cm Stretched canvas SOLD


Orange Zest  Mixed media  51×51 cm  Stretched canvas  $475


Pendulum Mixed media 51×61 cm SOLD


Gathering Acrylic and collage 51 x 51 cm  Stretched canvas  SOLD


Autumn through the door 61 x 61cm. Acrylic and collage Stretched canvas $475


Strawberry Fields Acrylic. 52 x 73 cm  Framed  $450
You and Yellow Air. Acrylic and ink  60×40 cm   Framed  $475


Tell Summer that I Died  Mixed media  69×50 cm  SOLD


Many moons Mixed media 38 x 57cm unframed $475


Fracture Mixed media 61 x 45 cm Stretched canvas $425


Napkins and teabags Mixed media 40.5 x 60cm SOLD


Hanging in There Mixed media 60 x 90cm unframed $550


Moody moon  Acrylic collage and paper 43.5 x 43.5 cm Framed $350
Ridgetop descent, Arkaroola Acrylic and charcoal 60 x 76cm Stretched canvas  SOLD
Meadows Eucalypts 2  Acrylic 58.5 x 60cm SOLD
Blue cranes (illustrating poem ‘Poor poor country’)  Watercolour, charcoal, gouache and pastel  Framed 96 x 70 cm  SOLD
On the Eyre Highway WA Inktense and gouache Framed 42 x 52cm SOLD


Making their Mark exhibition

Open at Old Police Station Gallery, Goolwa Terrace, Goolwa unit 17 January, every day.

Around the side
Around the side Acrylic 61x51cm stretched canvas SOLD


9 x 5 exhibition


Coast, Beachport Acrylic 53 x 80.5 cm  $350 framed
Pete Acrylic NFS


Above Waterport Road Acrylic SOLD


Devils Elbow, Murray River

Almerta Road
Almerta Road  Acrylic SOLD
Cliffs, Almerta Mixed media SOLD
Devils Elbow, Murray River   Oil  46 x 60 cm  SOLD





Pre 2000

Macclesfield house NFS
Macclesfield house  Acrylic  NFS

6 thoughts on “Denise Maddigan

  1. A truly lovely collection. I look forward to seeing it grow. Congratulations and very best of luck with all future work.


  2. What a nice collection !
    I fond of all your painting and I admire your talent !
    Go on … it’s so nice !


  3. I’m in awe.
    What a keenly observed and beautifully interpreted range of images.
    They captivate and entrance with colour that feels true, textures that describe, and with a insightful revealing of the essence of each scene, due not just to skill but to a deep love and awareness of the place being observed.
    Forget the dusting Denise, just keep painting!


  4. Hi Denise. Therese sent me your blog as I was keen to see it.I love your work. We are moving to Adelaide early Sept!! To nice,light airy house at Glenelg. I would like to enhance it with some of your works on the walls if that is ok.


    1. Hi Mary Yes, of course that is more than OK! The paintings I have on exhibition (of course, my latest ones) are in two venues in Willunga until 27 August but you may not be in Adelaide by then. After that, they will be at my place and you are very welcome to come and have a look there. You must be excited about your new home and will love furnishing and decorating it. Thank you for your nice comments. See you soon.


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